On the Issues

EDUCATION: The quality of our children’s education is non-negotiable!

It is the paramount duty of the legislature to amply fund education and unlike our local legislators of the past, I’ll be brave enough to support a capital gains tax that can generate billions in revenue for all levels of education in our state and helps families save money on education expenses.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: We are in a full-blown affordable housing crisis!

I am determined to find solutions to our affordable housing crisis. Our community cannot survive evicting low-income renters only to remodel and resell at twice the price. It's no wonder our homelessness crisis continues to grow year-after-year. It's time for Democrats to get back to their roots: protecting the vulnerable, disadvantaged, and working people of America.

FAIR TAXES: No more massive tax breaks to companies that send Washington jobs out of the state!

If Boeing wants to continue receiving its $8.7 billion tax break, then they need to stop sending thousands of jobs to South Carolina. I will join the fight to hold them accountable. Additionally, our regressive tax system has to finally come to an end. Washington needs to join the 41 other states that have a capital gains tax on the books so we can fully fund education.

LGBTQ RIGHTS: Our campaign proudly stands with our brothers and sisters in the transgender community!

We consider I-1515 a monumental setback to our state’s stellar record of inclusion. One reason I’m incredibly proud to call myself a Washingtonian is how our state has been ahead of the curve when it comes to progress. I-1515, unfortunately, is not progress; it regresses our state’s anti-discriminatory laws back at least ten years and is nothing more than a political tool for right-wing candidates to divide our community and pander to a shrinking base of constituents. If this initiative is approved for our November ballot, we strongly encourage every voter to vote NO on I-1515.

CLIMATE CHANGE: The debate is over: climate change is real and we must act now to preserve our natural resources!

If we don’t, our state will continue to set records for wildfires that threaten the lives of our brave firefighters and our farmers won’t be able to fish in the Puget Sound. Passage of the Carbon Tax Initiative will be critical in this goal and I will use the platform of my candidacy to champion the initiative.

PROTECT OUR SOLDIERS & VETERANS: Our bravest deserve more from all of us!

For being such a great naval community, it breaks my heart to know that we aren’t doing everything we can to the men and women that honorably served our country. Their situation is made worse by immensely long wait times at VA hospitals for services. Our state must begin to honor its end of the bargain and help every veteran find a home. Additionally, we need to raise awareness and implement new protections for soldiers that are victims of sexual assault. In 1992, 1 in 3 female soldiers were sexually assaulted and the vast majority experienced harassment. In 2016, the situation is just as dire: 1 in 4 military women are still victimized. Our male soldiers are being assaulted as well and nearly half don’t report the violence for fear of retaliation. If the military won’t take action to protect our enlisted brothers and sisters, our state must find ways to aid and rehabilitate the victims while prosecuting the offenders. I also support US Senator Gillibrand and her fight to enact reform in the military justice system by introducing the Military Justice Improvement Act in Congress.

TRANSPORTATION: Our public transportation is woefully inadequate for our district's needs!

It's unfathomable to me that a Port Orchard resident is unable to catch a bus to Sea-Tac airport. Our public transport barely function for 9-to-5 commuters and it often ignores people that need service at night or on the weekends. It's also completely immoral to ask Kitsap taxpayers to shoulder the entire burden of a passenger-only ferry system without asking Seattle or King County to contribute to the cost. A three-cent sales tax on $10 purchases places an unfair, higher tax burden on middle-class earners for a service that will be sparesly used and will help send jobs to Seattle instead of creating new ones here at home.

About Alec

I'd like to tell you a little bit about my family, as my parents are an important reason why I chose to run for State Representative. To begin, I’m the son of Cuban immigrants; both of my parents’ families fled Fidel Castro’s dictatorship in the 1960s. They grew up in immense poverty as children but when they met as teenagers, they fell in love and married and pursued the American Dream.

Throughout my entire upbringing, my parents lived the model middle class life: great jobs protected by a union (father was a trucker and Teamster), raised two great sons (my brother served in the Marines and is currently a police officer; I’ve had a great career as a software engineer), they owned their own home, and always had access to healthcare.

Unfortunately, their dream ended in the 2000s. Yellow Freight, where my father worked for 30 years, blamed “expensive” unions and slashed his salary 15%, then absorbed most of his pension for company profit, and finally tried to fire him when he became injured. He was forced into a settlement and two years later, without access to healthcare, my parents spent their entire life savings on managing medical debt. Last year they filed for bankruptcy and this year they’re selling their home to make ends meet and moving in with me and my fiancée.

Never in my life did I think this could happen to wonderful people like my parents, who believed if they worked hard now, they’d be set in the future. Never did my father imagine he’d see his pension dwindle away before he could even use it. I wish our story was unique, but it’s actually far more common than many of us realize. What happened to our great society?

This is why I’m running: because for families like ours, we need bold, progressive leaders willing to fight for us. I will favor and champion progressive issues that benefit everyday Washingtonians.

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